Your DM has finally remembered that this wiki exists and will attempt to update it when graduate school becomes less demanding. A special emphasis will be placed on finally updating the Adventure Log for the benefit of our newest player.

Change log:

  • 2/24/11: Added new Yson items from the most recent adventure, and several new spells and powers you’ve discovered over the past few adventures.
  • 10/27/10: Claim loot here.
  • 9/10/10: Go here to make posts!
  • 9/8/10: Continued on to Play-By-Post Session Part 2 from Play-By-Post Session, part 1. A backup has been generated, in case anything were to happen
  • 8/24/10: Added the Play-By-Post Session and New Skills. The adventure log will be updated later this week.
  • 7/30/10: Updated adventure log, added new information on Metacroterix.
  • 7/25/10: Added new technological items and the nation of Verra.
  • 7/18/10: Proposed rules for Called Shots. If you guys approve, they’ll become official.
  • 7/8/10: Finally got adventure log up to date. Next project: Finish nations
  • 6/7/10: Posted Ferrika’s stats and bio.

Soul Harvest

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