Soul Harvest

Holding Up the Sky

  • [adventure synopsis will be written later]
  • Treasure acquired: 6x +5 mighty exoskeleton, 6x +5 great-nanoblade, 6x +5 Gauss rifle, 8x advanced medkit with 5 doses each, 12x psi-scrambler grenade, 8x kinetic buffer (10) exoskeleton module, psionic recirculator exoskeleton module, 6 clips explosive Gauss rounds, 6 clips thermite Gauss rounds, 30 clips Gauss rounds, 2x +5 dreadnaught exoskeleton, 2x +5 plasma pistol, advanced spelleater unit, personal drive core (see Exoskeleton Modules), 6x Biosystem Redundancy Nano-augmentations, 5x Medi-tank



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