Rosalind Coriander

Melissa's cerebremancer



Wizard, Level 3; Psion, Level 7; Cerebremancer, Level 11; Caster, Level 18; Manifester, Level 21

ankle-length near-black hair, natural reddish highlights; 5’0" tall; rather gawky, more muscular in s wiry sort of way, not too plain facially

True Neutral

Ability Scores:
STR: 10; mod: +0
DEX: 15; mod: +4
CON: 15; mod: +4
INT: 28; mod: +13
WIS: 13; mod: +1
CHA: 11; mod: +0

BAB: +9

HP: 142

Saving Throws:
WILL: 16

Armor Class:
AC: 26

Skill Mods:

-Eschew Materials
-Spell Focus: Enchantment
-Energy Sub.: Sonic
-Practiced Manifester
-Practiced Caster
-Greater Spell Penetration (+4)
-Epic Manifestation


-Cure Lt. Wounds Potion (1)
-Personal Spellbook
-Scroll Case
-Bullseye Lantern/Oil
-Sheets of Paper (11.5)
-Alchemist’s Fire
-Silk Rope (50 ft)
-Basic Clothing
-Wand of Magic Missile
-Pearls of Power (?)
-Mana Orb
-Charm Person Scroll
-Letter in Unknown Language
-Immiana’s Blessed Book
-Demiplane Book
-Komas’s Spellbook
-Cure Moderate Wounds potions (2)
-Short Chainsword +1
-Gauss Pistol +1
-Plasma Rifle +3
-Quill of Xexecaldrus

Magic Items Worn:
-Vest of Resistance +5
-Amulet of Health +4
-Headband of Intellect +4
-Bracers of Armor +8
-Ring of Protection +5
-Cloak of Resistance +1
-Tunic of Steady Spellcasting

-Name: Ari
-Type: Female Bat
INT: 7

-Power Points/Day: 301
-Deja Vu
-Mind Link
-Force Screen
-Entangling Ectoplasm
-Psionic Shield
-Read Thoughts
-Psionic Suggestion
-Empathic Transfer, Hostile
-Energy Retort
-Crisis of Breath
-Death Urge
-Wall of Ectoplasm
-False Sensory Input
-Psionic Dominate
-Psychic Crush
-Shatter Mind Blank
-Psionic True Seeing
-Breath of the Black Dragon
-Empathic Transfer, Hostile
-Crisis of Life
-Mind Seed
-Time Regression
-Psychic Chirurgery

-Perma-Detect Magic (0th)
-Mage Hand (0th)
-Light (0th)
-Prestidigitation (0th)
-Silent Image (1st)
-Charm Person (1st)
-Magic Missile (1st)
-Lesser Orb of Cold (1st)
-Shield (1st)
-Feather Fall (1st)
-Grease (1st)
-Enlarge Person (1st)
-Mage Armor (1st)
-Summon Monster I (1st)
-Silent Image (1st)
-Ray of Enfeeblement (1st)
-Scorching Ray (2nd)
-Invisibility (2nd)
-Hideous Laughter (2nd)
-Mirror Image (2nd)
-Knock (2nd)
-Lesser Orb of Cold (2nd)
-Protection from Energy (3rd)
-Fireball (3rd)
-Hold Person (3rd)
-Tongues (3rd)
-Fly (3rd)
-Vampiric Touch (3rd)
-Shadow Binding (3rd)
-Water Breathing (3rd)
-Clairaudience/Clairvoyance (3rd)
-Gentle Repose (3rd)
-Enervation (4th)
-Wall of Ice (4th)
-Remove Curse (4th)
-Evard’s Black Tentacles (4th)
-Wall of Fire (4th)
-Permanency (4th)
-Mind-Fog (4th)
-Ice Storm (4th)
-Bestow Curse (4th)
-Mass Reduce Person (4th)
-Shout (4th)
-Analyze Dweomer (5th)
-Wall of Iron (5th)
-Antimagic Field (5th)
-Acid Fog (5th)
-Symbol of Persuasion (5th)
-Baleful Polymorph (5th)
-Feeblemind (5th)
-Disintegrate (6th)
-Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere (6th)
-Mislead (6th)
-Chain Lightning (6th)
-Greater Dispel Magic (6th)
-Greater Teleport (7th)
-Plane Shift (7th)
-Mass Hold Person (7th)
-Finger of Death (7th)
-Limited Wish (7th)
-Superior Magic Fucking Missile (7th) (16d6 +16)


Rosalind Coriander was born Leoran Tallow, the sixth of nine children in the Tallow family, in the small village of Two Pines, just on the Sondris side of the Sondris/Monavia border. Two Pines was once an elven village, and its assimilation by Sondris originally caused some dissent, but when Leoran/Rosalind was growing up, the elves and humans coexisted peacefully. Still, the Tallow family is descended from a Sondrissian soldier named Axel who settled in the little and picturesque Two Pines just after its assimilation; he brought his young wife Tahlia from the large city where they had previously lived, hoping for a bucolic countryside environment in which to raise a family, but Tahlia left Axel for an elven mage soon after this. Convinced the mage had enchanted his wife, Axel nursed a hatred for both elves and magic for the rest of his life, and this animosity was passed down through the generations. It was dilute but still present in the minds of the Tallows when Leoran/Rosalind was a child.

It was apparent when Rosalind was very young that she was a bit odd. Instead of playing with the other children, she watched them intently from a distance. Her oldest brother Padrack was the only one of the Tallow children to be educated, and at Leoran/Rosalind’s pestering he taught her to read and write; she quickly surpassed him, and ended up helping him with spelling and, later, arithmetic. Padrack often found his sister’s observations of the other children playing and interacting scratched into the dirt. Much to the chagrin of Mrs. Tallow and her older daughters, Leoran/Rosalind would neglect her chores to observe the other children her age or, more likely, the adults, who often brought Leoran/Rosalind home from the places to which she had escaped; at ten, she found ways to sneak into taverns, having discovered that inebriated people were fascinating, hilarious and less likely to care that she shouldn’t be around. She also readily spent time with many of the animals in the nearby forest; when she was twelve, she befriended a fox who came to accept food from her almost like a trained pet; she named it Ovi, and she cried harder when a local farmer killed Ovi for chasing his hens than when her own grandfather died.

Young Leoran/Rosalind greatly admired her neighbor Aristasia, a middle-aged elven ranger who told wonderful stories and was good at explaining why the creatures in her stories had behaved the way they did. Leoran/Rosalind was also fascinated by the magic that Aristasia could perform, and after a similar insistence to her pleas to Padrack to teach her to read, she convinced Aristasia to teach her magic. She was very adept at it and soon decided she wanted to pursue magic for the rest of her life, for it enthralled her even more than the subtleties of human interaction and motivation. While she was not very beautiful, when she was fifteen she found herself with ample opportunity to dissuade potential suitors through the use of magic. When she was seventeen, her parents discovered that her magic (magic taught to her by an elf, no less) was the reason she hadn’t found a suitable husband and were furious. They ordered her to give up her magic and begin letting men court her. She refused, but gradually her siblings began to actively side with her parents, and eventually even Aristasia tried to convince her to forget magic and find a husband. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she packed her belongings and slipped away in the night, making her way to the city of Artella where she planned to further her magical training. On the way, she gave many pseudonyms to throw off her family should they look for her and wore a hooded cloak as often as she could. Her favorite pseudonym was Rosalind, so she began using that name permanently when she reached Artella. Rosalind was also the name of a Tallow family black sheep, an offbeat spinster great-aunt who had moved to the nearest elven village across the Sondris/Monavia border.

In Artella, Rosalind apprenticed herself to the most powerful spellcaster in the city, the aging wizard Balthenzir. She learned quickly, but Balthenzir passed away before she could advance past the first level of wizardry. Just before his death, Balthenzir advised his apprentice to sojourn to Highwater, a city much larger than Artella where his last apprentice, Makkaya, currently resided; perhaps Rosalind could apprentice herself to her. Rosalind arrived in Highwater only a month before she met Felosial, Noname and Valentine and had been unable to find another apprenticeship; Makkaya had left the city and no one was able to tell Rosalind where she had gone. Also, the most powerful wizards who Rosalind had found had either already had apprentices or refused someone so inexperienced. Many of these wizards also advised Rosalind to gain experience before seeking an apprenticeship with a great mage, and as such readily joined the Felosial/Noname/Valentine party not only because she was curious to see how the motley group would interact but because she hoped to increase her wizarding skills by assisting/accompanying the party.

Rosalind retains her insatiable curiosity for observing human behavior, especially interaction, because she is very socially inept herself and is fascinated by how interaction comes to naturally to some; diplomacy in particular befuddles her and she longs to learn how to interact with people in a way that manipulates them into seeing her point of view. She is very much a pragmatist, relying on logic and reason, and often can’t appeal to people’s emotional sides. She hopes to use her magic to further her insight into people’s minds. Since her inquisitive nature results in her disliking leaving situations unresolved, she also would like to find out what happened to Makkaya, but it isn’t a major goal.

Since Rosalind’s formative years were benign and humdrum, incredibly strange and new situations often startle her despite her level-headedness. Immensely powerful magic both frightens and intrigues her, as she does not understand it but hopes to one day.

She retains her preference of animal company to human company and is very attached to her familiar, a female bat called Ari, named after Aristasia.

Rosalind Coriander

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