Eternity's Edge

Eternity’s Edge

Created by the peerless skill of Rosalind, Felosial, and Karris’tine, and infused with the power of the sacrificed goddess Imiana, this sword’s power is unmatched in all the planes. The blade of Eternity’s Edge is split down the middle, forged from the same piece of Yson alloy taken from two timelines. As such, the sword bears within it an echo of histories that never were and futures that will never be… and as a self-contained paradox, it may just be the one weapon capable of defeating Inza’reth the Prime Mover without dooming the cosmos to annihilation.

Eternity’s Edge was originally crafted as a +10 longsword, though it is capable of assuming the form of any weapon the wielder is proficient with as a free action and automatically grants its wielder proficiency with the longsword and greatsword. Regardless of its form, the weapon’s base damage is 8d8, with a critical multiplier of x4 and a base threat range of 17-20. Even in the form of a melee weapon, it can be used to slash the fabric of spacetime and produce a powerful distortion that strikes distant foes; this does the weapon’s normal melee damage and has a 100ft range increment (attacks made while it is in the form of a ranged weapon use that weapon’s range increment or 100ft, whichever is better). It ignores all forms of damage reduction and regeneration.

Anyone who grasps the sword is granted insight into the infinite possibilities the next few seconds hold; in practice, this means that the wielder gains a +5 insight bonus to AC and saves, as she can simply choose a future where she avoids hazards. In addition, her BAB increases to match that of a fighter of her level, and she may apply her highest mental ability score (INT, WIS, or CHA) instead of her STR bonus on attack rolls and damage.

Every 1d4 rounds, the sword can produce a Temporal Stasis effect (DC equal to 10+1/2 wielder’s level+wielder’s highest mental ability score mod) lasting one hour on a foe it strikes, or on any foe within 300ft (though this latter use takes a standard action). It allows its wielder to cast Time Stop three times per day, manifest Timeless Body three times per day and Time Regression once per day, and to use the epic spell Time Duplicate once per day. Finally, the wielder of Eternity’s Edge enjoys a permanent Haste effect and immunity to any unwanted spells that manipulate time.

CL 40th; overwhelming universal

Eternity's Edge

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