• Alignment: NE
  • Domains: Evil, Domination, Knowledge, Magic, Mind, Trickery
  • Unholy symbol: Green face surrounded by six fingers
  • Favored weapon: Dagger

A dark deity thought by most to be a mere myth, Metacroterix is unique among the gods in that he is not a concrete entity. Rather than a single powerful being residing on an Outer Plane, Metacroterix can best be thought of as an infection spreading among sentient minds. According to sages, Metacroterix spreads between minds when one absorbs a certain idea or concept – or even hears a certain “tainted” word – from an infected individual. Once the god has taken up residence in a mind, no known spell can purge the infection, nor can spells reveal who is or is not infected. What is known is that Metacroterix and his clerics can subtly manipulate victims’ minds without their knowledge.

During his mortal days an elven wizard of the highest caliber, Metacroterix found that although the people of his world were too willful to be ruled by strength, they would readily acquiesce to any idea they believed to be their own or of someone they respected. He toiled in secret, crafting several uniquely subtle spells and mapping out the relationships, political and otherwise, of every influential individual. He then subtly manipulated the ideas of world leaders – planting an imperfection in a foolproof plan, injecting unwanted emotion into careful plotting, and otherwise setting the stage for what appeared to be a drama created entirely by foolish and corrupt leaders. Wars began and ended at his command; nations crumbled and rose; entire peoples lived and died. All the while, citizens blamed their leaders, whomever those were at the time… while Metacroterix sat back, smiled, and updated his map. In the end, only one saw through his carefully-laid schemes: Aviva, the genius daughter of Imiana. Summoned to that world to end the genocide of the Aremite scholar clan, Aviva realized that even her power could not stand against the armies of the world and unknowingly played Metacroterix at his own game; she constructed a similar map, but before she could begin manipulating the power players, she realized someone was already doing so. After years of sleuthing and opening the eyes of leaders to their hidden manipulation, she discovered the wily lich’s existence and gathered the powers of the world to her aid. But when the armies of the world laid siege to his hidden tower, Metacroterix had vanished, leaving behind only laughter echoing across the land; he had already dominated the world long enough to ascend to godhood.

Servants of Metacroterix seek to establish such hidden dominion over their cities, nations, and eventually worlds. While lesser tyrants make shows of their force and even actively police the thoughts of their victims, a truly subtle Metacroterian ruler does not even let his victims know they are under his sway. Clerics of Metacroterix, and more than a few arcanists who swell the ranks of his cults, have access to a number of unique spells which subtly manipulate emotions and memories. Metacroterix’s avatar appears as a six-fingered, green-skinned lich bearing a red jewel on his forehead, from which reach tendrils of red energy into the heads of everyone nearby… but he is only visible from the corners of your eyes. He is a fierce foe of Imiana, who constantly threatens to expose his conspiracies. His unholy symbol is a face surrounded by six fingers, and his favored weapon is a concealed dagger.


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