New Skills

Two new skills exist in this campaign, both of which can be taken as class skills by using the Psionic projector at level-up:

Use Technological Device (Int)

  • This skill encompasses the operation of Yson technology, familiarizing characters with the interfaces, uses, and limitations of such devices. At higher skill levels, disabling safety systems and even hacking are possible.
  • Checks: Your check is made against a DC determined by the complexity of the task you are attempting to perform; navigating a menu-based computer system would be DC 5 or below, while gaining unauthorized access to a remote computer via the Yson network would be DC 25-45 depending on security, and modifying an energy weapon for increased power output and decreased lifespan would be DC 30 or above.
  • Action: Varies widely depending on the task. Figuring out where to insert an ultracapacitor might be as little as a move action, while hacking into high-security Yson systems could be the work of weeks or months.
  • Try again: Yes, although the consequences for failure may be serious – failing the check for modifying a device by 5 or more will likely break it, and failing to penetrate computer security (or succeeding in an unstealthy manner) may alert system administrators.
  • Special: If you have 10 or more ranks in Use Technological Device and are using an Yson weapon more sophisticated than a chainsword or chemical firearm and can psionically interface with the control circuitry (as any psionic character can), you can optimize targeting parameters for each shot, gaining a +1 bonus on attack rolls. This bonus increases to +2 at 20 ranks and so on.
  • Untrained: This skill may be used untrained, but only on tasks of DC 10 or below.

Knowledge (Science) (Int)

  • This skill, accessible only through the Yson psionic projector, represents advanced scientific and mathematical learning encompassing futuristic physics, biology, and chemistry. The basis of Yson technology (everything from an ordinary assault rifle to nanotechnology to the exotic physics of helicrine-based devices) is also covered. Mechanically, this skill is identical to standard Knowledge skills.
  • Synergy: If you have 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (Science), you get a +2 bonus on Use Technological Device checks. If you have 10 or more ranks in Knowledge (Science), you understand the physical basis of psionic ability and get a +2 bonus on Psicraft checks.
  • Special: A character with the ability to prepare arcane spells gets a +2 bonus on Knowledge (Science) checks – calculus and other advanced mathematics are necessary to cast wizard spells, and such a character is therefore familiar with the mathematics required for science.
  • Untrained: This skill may not be used untrained on tasks above DC 5 – advanced scientific knowledge beyond simply doesn’t exist in non-Yson societies.

New Skills

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