Play-By-Post Session Part 2

This wiki page will be used for the play-by-post session, intended to encompass two or three months of in-game time. Regular sessions are planned to resume in mid-September.

Post your character’s responses to dialog, attempts to use skills (ie., “I want to Sense Motive on him, and I roll a 24”), and other actions here. Please separate posts with lines and identify yourself at the beginning of each post. Be sure to preview the page first, to ensure that you’re not overwriting someone else who is trying to post at the same time. DM posts will be in bold.

“Here they come,” says Rauun, and the party takes Valentine’s suggestion, moving eastward to the docks. You manage to evade the first group of guards, who turn left down an alley before reaching you, but the city is just swarming with them, and before you even leave the goblinoid district you run into a patrol attracted by Bij’s Move Silently check of -1. There seem to be four of them, with one clearly in charge – fortune is clearly on your side tonight, because the leader takes one look at the Crimson Soul insignia on Ferrika’s shield, salutes, and continues on his way.

You reach the ship without further complications, still moored where you left it – though it now has a nice new coating of seagull waste. You unlock the door with the Imadrethan Orb and head below decks – though the ship is still unfurnished, your Instant Tent and bedrolls provide a relatively comfortable sleep.

By the time you wake up, it’s almost noon. You can hear the usual hustle and bustle of the docks outside your ship, but the townspeoples’ voices seem quieter, more uncertain. The party assembles in the ship’s bridge to discuss future activities. “Did everyone sleep well last night?” asks Ferrika. “Me neither. But this is probably a good time to figure out what our group’s future is. We don’t know when or how the Potentates are going to call us back into their service, and I know we all have our own goals to pursue. I guess what I’m asking is, to what extent are we going to stick together?”

Valentine: “I’m going to stick around the boat and with whoever wants to remain, we do make a pretty good team, but I will not hold anybody back if they have other goals in mind, need to catch up with family, want to retire from adventuring, or generally do something else. My first order of business now is to get some of this damned bird shit off of this boat before we get anymore looks and since I’m sure it smells. So walk with me, talk with me.”

Valentine rummages around to find the bottle of endless water to start hosing off the decks with varying intensity, undoubtedly splashing some people.

“I don’t have anything to go back to, since I’ve never had a family and my home town is long since gone. The closet thing to a family I have is you guys, but normally families-” closes bottle “-don’t risk their lives or save the universe this often.”

“I don’t know what you would like to do Ferrika, but you can return to your Order whenever you would like, you shouldn’t feel obligated to stay with us anymore. You do have the possibility of a promotion in your future, after all. As for me, I’m pretty darn happy here.”

Valentine continues spraying the decks, making it clear he’s going to be around the boat, and adventuring, for a while still.

Beej: Well since I’ve made this whole adventuring and saving the world thing my life why should I stop now? We’re obviously not done dealing with the Jesh or the Ison so let’s just keep fighting till the end or until we all get brutally annihilated whatever comes first.

Then goes over to Valentine to help him with his bird shit issue.

Felosial: “I want to keep adventuring, as we’re calling it.” (Mostly to herself, but kind of muttering— I’d do more Good working with these types, and we get along well. Maybe we’ll even meet more druids! After that mess with the Jesh, I’ve lost contact with the ones who got me started. I hope they didn’t get… Highwater-ed. Never mind. Maybe one day I’ll have a grove of my very own! It would have to be close to my friends, of course. I sometimes wonder if I’m too sociable for my chosen profession. —end rambling. Felosial shakes her head and stops looking so distracted.) “Goodness. Anyway, Jocosa would miss Beej too much if we parted ways. Besides, I’d miss all of you too much! Hey, is anybody else craving cherries?”

Felosial grabs a mop and carefully casts Create Water around the boat.

Valetine: “Ah, what the hell?! How are my boots this wet? Damnit Bij!”
Valentine sprays a geyser at Bij, making an 8+4=12 Strength check, just for shits and giggles. “Hope you don’t mind getting wet too, ass.”

Continues with the monkey business…

Felosial, to Valentine and Beej after a few minutes of monkey business: Why are the others just gaping like that?

Felosial puts down the mop, Wild Shapes into a seagull, and heads over to Rosalind and/or Lirael. Seeing the glazed look in their eyes, she cocks her head and gives the two women a (gentle) tap on the head. Nok!

This is probably what they’ll see when they wake up from their daydreams about the future.

Lirael wanders around the boat with everyone, albeit keeping out of splashing range of Valentine to keep Ken dry. And starts petting him almost absentmindedly as she reflects on things…

“Well… I have certainly had some great adventures with the lot of you * looks everyone in the eye * and learned a lot… * shares more glances with various members of the party * For the most part I’ve enjoyed our times together, I’d like to think that, a bit like Valentine, we have all gotten pretty close… though, perhaps that’s only natural given how many times we’ve had to work together to save our hides… and the universe and whatnot… Since you guys rescued me from that… lair? of lizard people adventures came after us one right after another and we got sucked into the ever grimmer looking battle to save the cosmos. There was no real downtime, just moving on to continue surviving and protect the survival of everything else. Our personal lives, whatever they may have been went on an unavoidable hiatus. And as much as I enjoy traveling (and adventuring) with everyone, there are some things that I need to return to…

Somewhat similar to Valentine, I don’t have much ‘real’ family…* mutters something dark about past with an unhappy look on her face * but I do have several loved ones, whom I was in fact in the process going to visit when I was sold to those godsdamned lizard people. Rowan had only recently moved to the area before the highwater incident… I’m fairly certain he must have moved again * smiles fondly as she thinks of Rowan * so, I will need to visit Fala first…."

the mention of Rowan and Falada, aka Fala, prolly triggers an explanation of Lirael’s past and her “loved ones” (For details check out lirael’s backstory on her profile (find out y undead bother her SO much)… the super relevant part for the moment tho is that Fala is her big brother/father figure and Rowan is her lover of a couple decades) Lirael fully expects a bit of surprise in hearing that she has a lover etc, to which she merely responds with a shrug.

“… also, after spending so much time with all of you and hearing/observing so many families and close friends, I find myself yearning to return to my own for a while… can’t wait to show Fala how much i’ve improved with a bow * smiles * and really catch up. Naturally you’re all invited to visit or call upon us at anytime. I dare say Fala and Rowan would enjoy meeting you * sighs * and be proud to know that I’ve ‘finally’ met more people and made friends on my own… and maybe ask them what they know about the clockwork wood (without actually mentioning the rifts… i don’t really plan on pissing off the emperor too soon) and maybe keep an ear our for anything of interest/possible usefulness, collect it, and do what i can to pass it on.”

Valentine stops splashing around. “Aye, I understand. It would just be nice at times to go back and continue our lives as they were, before the whole material plane went to shit. It’s been good having you around and knowing we will have some cover fire, and I wish you well with what would basically be your new family.”

Valentine bows from the waist.

Rosalind: “I’ve learned more from our exploits than I believe I ever could have being an apprentice. And now that I am embroiled in this…strange and terrifying yet intriguing conflict. I feel I can’t leave now. I’ll continue with what we’re calling ‘adventuring.’”

Ferrika and Rauun nod at Lirael – “I may also have to take leave of the group for a while, though it’s nothing urgent,” says Ferrika. “I’m going to ask the Order if I can be of use to them in this time of crisis, and… well, after all we’ve been through, I’d like to figure out where I was born, see if my parents are still alive, and maybe hit them with something heavy for what they did [see Ferrika’s biography]. Followed by a teary reunion hug, of course. And the bard-”

“-will tell his own tale, thank you very much,” says Rauun, taking mock offense. “I haven’t told the rest of you this, but I have business in the north concerning… a fairly substantial debt. It’s nothing to concern yourselves with, I just have to travel to this… this diseased codpiece and deliver some gold before he learns that I’ve returned to Mariope and decides to take it by force.”

“And in case the drago-” says Ferrika, cut off by a dirty look from Raaun – “In case the man he’s indebted to decides to try something dishonorable, he’ll have a knight backing him up.” She pauses to tap her boot against the hull to knock seagull droppings off it. “But all of this can wait at the very least a couple of days. Let’s get this boat cleaned up – I’ve got some great ideas for turning it into a mobile stronghold.”

Working together, it takes fewer than twenty minutes for you to get the boat into sparkling condition, during which Ferrika lays out her plans – apparently, she and Korwyn once helped design a new Temple of the Crimson Soul (currently a ruin occupied by orcs, which is not so much a testament to their design incompetence as it is to the fact that orcs breed like, well, orcs), so she has some experience with stronghold design.

If the party takes the time to construct the Wings of Imiana (or hires someone else to do it), their ship can serve as a highly mobile home and possibly play other roles depending on how they want to use the interior space – it could even carry a few parties of lesser adventurers whose services the party contracted if desired. It should be possible to turn the ship’s empty rooms into pretty much anything – see the Stronghold Builder’s Guidebook for more information on rooms.

Your ship’s interior is roughly thirty feet tall (not including the bridge), thirty feet wide, and ninety feet long. The first and second floors have six stronghold spaces (12.5ft by 30ft rooms) each, while the bottom floor has two stronghold spaces, the engine room, and the cargo hold.

It shouldn’t be a problem to turn the pre-constructed rooms into anything in the guidebook, and in fact the cost of fancy and luxury components is reduced by 1,000 and 2,000gp respectively (minimum of 500gp) thanks to the fact that the rooms are already made out of expensive hardwood.

According to Rosalind’s understanding of Imiana’s sketches, constructing the wings should take only 100,000gp worth of supplies, 30 days of a master engineer’s time (included in the 100,000gp price), and 20 days of spellcaster’s labor now that the party has the necessary dragon bones. Funding this project is likely to be a group effort.

“So, that’s my plan, anyway,” says Ferrika. “I was never great with costs, but considering all the loot we’ve acquired, we should have enough gold. What do you all think?”

Valentine: “This is definitely something to look into! A nice mobile home, what a concept… but, given the current problems with the planes being closed off, might I go so far as suggesting that we might want to make this an inter-planar vehicle? It doesn’t have to be now, it just some space that needs to be left in the designs in the future. I wonder if we can get some cannons…”

Felosial, after Wild Shaping back to normal: “A flying luxury ship. How odd. Civilization is starting to tire me out. After a bit more training, I think it’ll be time to return to my home… wherever I end up. For now, the party needs me… and I need them. That boat will take some getting used to, though. Perhaps I could set up a garden in my quarters! And it should have windows, lots of windows!” Felosial looks hopefully at Ferrika.

Felosial shakes her head. “And Lirael! Best of luck on your return home. I respect your choice… and I would love to meet your ‘family’ one day! We’ll miss you, of course, and you’ll always be welcome back if you so choose. If there’s anything I can do to ease your journey, do let me know!” Awkward Druid Felosial gives Aloof Ranger Lirael an Awkward Druid Hug.

While Felosial is hugging Lirael-

“Windows, huh? Doesn’t sound particularly seaworthy – Valentine, any input?” asks Ferrika.

“It doesn’t need to be an actual window,” suggests Rauun. “Just cast a permanent Invisibility spell on part of the hull.” Ferrika nods in agreement. “And keeping the plants in your room alive won’t be too difficult if we can get Rosalind a scroll of Continual Flame.”

“Our next stop should probably be the market,” Ferrika tells the party. “I, for one, will rest easier knowing that those godsdamned cats aren’t peeing on my backup weapons. We can divvy up the gold before Lirael leaves – I’m sure her ‘family’ will appreciate the resources – then we’ll figure out what to do with the ship.”

Decide which items you’d like to sell – it would probably be easier to come up with a GP total before you start buying equipment and/or ship modifications.

Valentine’s suggestions for stronghold components
Room of reading (pg 83)
a few (fancy) bedrooms (pg 18)
Augmentations (pg 39): transparent

You leave the ship and begin the long walk to Kalystra’s market district, feeling profoundly uneasy at how the city, once called “a shining example for the world,” has changed as of late. Its once-clean streets are marred by clumps of refuse and the occasional dead animal, far more buildings are boarded up than you remember, and the townsfolk are less eager to make conversation with strangers. The few reasonably wealthy folks you see all have at least one bodyguard accompanying them. Most troublingly of all, the few temples you pass seem to be almost completely abandoned, and a few completely so – they’ve even been looted. Despite the widespread panic over the gods’ condemnation of the world last time you were in town, order seems to have been maintained – for now – by the guards stationed at every street corner. Some are even carrying what you recognize as firearms – not nearly so sophisticated as your Yson assault rifle, but apparently well-developed enough to have been deployed.

It takes about half an hour to reach the markets, which are even more heavily guarded than the rest of the city. In the richer northern sector of the markets, you see rifles and pistols for sale amidst more traditional magic items and other luxuries. The party splits up to sell its gear; though the weapons and armor are sold quickly, it takes several hours to find buyers for the art, with several merchants claiming that “there’s just no market for these things anymore – who in the hells wants art when the world is ending?” Your gilded skull is also called “creepy” several times before an equally creepy woman (who you suspect may be a necromancer) makes an offer on it. Rosalind, recognizing a wizard’s robes as belonging to the Diamond Circle (Knowledge (Arcana) 30) – the continent’s most prestigious college of arcanists, led by the archmage Rrumanja himself – offers to sell the cats to him, explaining their unique uses. After a few quick divinations confirm that they are indeed the ancient breed, he hands over the money faster than one can say “twenty-five thousand gold pieces,” conjuring a number of cages from pure force to hold the cats.

As the party regroups, Ferrika brings a man along – “Guess who I ran into – you remember that pira-”

“Please, there’s no need to mention my former occupation,” says Capn. Priamis, hushing Ferrika as he looks around to see if anyone heard her. “Fancy meeting you all again. I’ve made the best of that second chance you gave me – my daughter and I have set up a little business outfitting ships, and from what your companion tells me, it sounds like you’re in the market for some interior work? If you’re not too busy, I could send a few of my guys to survey the ship’s interior and see what we can do with it.”

Valentine: “Ah, that would be lovely. As long as I don’t die this time, I think it will work out just fine. With the state of the city as of late, staying on the ship more could be preferable, at least for some of us. I assume nobody has any objections, then?”

“Good to see there are no hard feelings,” Priamis tells Valentine. “I’ll let my staff know about the new job – I’d love to stay and catch up, but I have a court date. Have to convince the local magistrates to let me within fifty feet of a ship again.” Before you can respond, he disappears back into the crowd.

You finish your business in the markets, and by the time you return to your ship, three men are waiting on the nearby dock. They seem slightly less malodorous than the average dockworker and actually seem to have matching uniforms – they must be Priamis’s employees. “Hey, this your ship?” asks the shortest of them as you approach. “Mind getting rid of that glowy thing on the door so’s we can do our job?”

It takes twenty minutes or so for the workers to finish inspecting your ship, and less than two hours later another employee, dressed much more nicely and thus likely a desk worker, shows up at your ship. “Let’s see, master Valentine and company… that would be you, correct? Captain Priamis sends his regrets that he could not deliver the report personally, but legally he is not allowed near your ship. We have, however, finished our preliminary report and suggestions for outfitting the ship’s interior.” He looks you over – “When our work is done, your ship’s interior will be as lavish as befits warriors of your stature.” He unrolls the scroll and displays Priamis and Sons’ suggestions for the ship’s interior.

  • Top floor (six spaces): Fancy bedroom suite x6 (24,000gp) or luxury bedroom suite x6 (60,000gp)
  • Middle floor (six spaces): Fancy or luxury bedroom suite (4,000 or 10,000gp), fancy bath (1,000gp), fancy library (2,000gp), fancy magic laboratory (2,000gp), small yet fancy dining hall (5,000gp), fancy kitchen (11,000gp)
  • Bottom floor (two spaces plus cargo hold and engine room): 2x fancy storage (1,000gp)
  • Wondrous architecture: Room of Reading in the library (750gp), one Invisible Helper per bedroom (1,500gp each)
  • Wall augmentations: 2x transparent (split amongst all rooms on top and middle floors, creating windows rather than making the whole wall transparent) (6,000gp)
  • Total: 67250gp or 109250gp

“Alternatively… our captain knows a certain specialist who could construct for you a table capable of producing magical heroes’ feasts. This would remove the need for a kitchen. According to our captain, one of you is a servant of nature – we could use the left-over space to give her a garden.”

  • Table of Feasting: +43,200gp
  • Kitchen: -11,000gp
  • Garden: ~Free
  • New total: 100,450gp or 142,450gp

“Of course, you’re free to make modifications. Does the price suit you?”

Valentine: “Personally, instead of suites, I would be fine with simpler bedrooms, which would give us some more space, at least.” Valentine begins to outline his ideas

  • Fancy bedroom: 4k-1k = 3k GP, contains 2 (separated) bedrooms (but only 1 ss), also does not necessarily require an Invisible Helper
  • Fancy common area, 2k gp, all purpose (sound-dampened) meeting area
  • (possibly) Wall of force (as the spell, but for a building material), 4k gp, on the hull on the bottom (for viewing) or as windows/skylights
  • Switching the plans for the rooms, putting the bedrooms on the middle level, more “common” areas on the top level. Downsizing 1 suite then moves all bedrooms to middle level, adds common room to top level. Downsizing another suite adds another free room, which can move the bath down to the bedroom level.
  • Using an additional free room, it might be wise to develop an Yson storage room, which is more secure than the rest, due to the fact that the amount of technology that we have in use is relatively stunning. An armory is a good choice, possibly with magically treated (50k) and/or ethereal solid (12k) walls.
  • Valentine would also like one room to be a spiderwalk room (1500 gp), allowing anybody to walk on the walls and ceiling as if under the effect of spiderclimb, so that he can train some more (or at least have fun)

“Ah, may I also inquire why Priamis is unable to go near a ship?”

Felosial, ignoring Valentine’s question and trying to avoid awkwardness: "Oh, I agree with Valentine about the rooms… I personally don’t need much of anything to be comfortable. And don’t forget, Jocosa and I are sharing a room. Anything too fancy would be just strange. But we might want to keep some guest space, though, and don’t city types like fancy things?

“And about the common spaces, I agree that they should be consolidated somewhere. My garden, of course, should go anywhere it fits. I really don’t mean to impose, and that magic table thing sounds a bit extravagant. Everybody is welcome in my garden, of course. And all those invisibility windows sound just perfect!”

Felosial lapses into silence and starts pondering what else should go in her garden.

Over the next week Lirael got her “synthetic retina” augmentation, and had Ken talk to the rest of the other kitties. (presumably they determined which cats wished to stay with various members of party as pets, and which cats would be sold…) Lirael also paid Bij back his 100 GP.

Before leaving the group Lirael offered minimal suggestions about the ship alterations and spent most of her time with the animals and/or the party. The last night before leaving the party she sought a round of “flaming owls” for the party and left shortly there after…

(erm, the other kitties were already sold…)

Valentine, before Lirael actually leaves: “Well, elf, its been good adventuring with ya. May your future be as successful as we have been here, and may you be happy with your loved ones. Safe travels, Lirael.”
Valentine takes another full bow

Felosial, as Lirael is leaving: “Baaaah, Lirael! I’ll miss you!! I’m looking forward to that visit you offered, anyway. Do keep in touch! By the time you join up again, one of our stunts will have made an even better drink than the Flaming Owl!” Felosial hugs Jocosa as Lirael departs.

Before Lirael leaves:

The contractor modifies the designs and gives you a revised price:

  • Top floor: Fancy common area, fancy library, fancy magic lab, fancy kitchen, small yet fancy dining hall, Felosial’s garden (22,000gp)
  • Middle floor: 3x Fancy Bedroom Suite, 2x Fancy Bedrooms (seven bedrooms total), 1x Fancy Bath (19,000gp)
  • Bottom floor: Fancy storage, fancy armory (1,500gp)
  • Wall augmentations: 2x transparent (windows), ethereal solid on the armory, spiderwalk on the common area (19,500gp)
  • Wondrous architecture: Room of Reading library (750gp)

Total: 63,750gp
(According to the contractor, the ship’s hull and interior walls are constructed from magically treated adamantine – with a permanent illusion that makes them appear to be wood! Thus, the magically-treated augmentation is unnecessary)

“We can have the work completed in under two weeks. Does this sound good?”

When Lirael leaves (presumably a day later, which she spent in the medi-tank installing her augmentation):

Ferrika and Rauun take turns hugging Lirael before she leaves; “You’re a true friend, Lirael, and I’ll miss you,” says Ferrika. “May your travels be safe and your family warm. What with all we’ve been through, it’s good to see that you have something worth defending back home.”

[The interlude has begun. The next eight weeks of game time will each take two days of realtime – sometime during those two days, each of you should make a small post about your actions during that week (ie., “I finish the wand of invisibility in three days, then I add this, this, this, and this to my spellbook” or “I try to network with the local thieves’ guild and ask for jobs” – the more specific and detailed your post, the more likely you are to see some concrete game benefits from it). I’ve planned several “events” for each of your characters over this period, each of which can be resolved in a short (5-10min) chat session via Facebook, Skype, or what have you, so when I post an event, just look for me on Skype or tell me what time works for you. After each week, I will post the result of your actions and general events that have occurred in the world.]

What will you do for the first week?

During the day, he observes the workers on the ship, helps with what he can, and studies the psionic project (reasoning for getting more skill points later). At night, however, he goes out and about, checking areas where he would have gone as a little thieves’ guild urchin, checking out their activities in the area and trying to get a gauge on how organized they still area. If there are any times a more senior guild member is about, Valentine can silently drop off of a rooftop and chat with him, as a “former”-thief turned adventurer.

If nobody wants to go into the tank during this week, Valentine will go, but would rather keep watch on the boat in the process.

Felosial works for 3 days on her wand of healing. She volunteers to stand watch while Valentine naps in the tank (and stays wild shaped into a tiger with Jocosa that day). She also gets started on her garden, traveling to the outside world for a day or two and using Speak With Plants to find the more adventurous ones. She also offers a trip (sometime during our interlude) via Animal Shapes for anyone who would like to experience the city as a hawk, rat, dog, etc. She would not presume that others want to explore outside the city with her, but makes the offer in case they do. When she is not working on the wand or guarding the tank, she spends as much time as possible off the ship and in her element, as it were.

Felosial feels a bit squicky about the tank, and will therefore let the others go first if they like.

Since nobody else has said otherwise, Valentine starts the process in the tank, and gets both implants installed. Additionally, after he is done, he spends an afternoon shopping for a new cloak, replacing current mantle.

Rosalind wishes she’d been paying more attention when the cats were being sold, as she wanted one as a pet. Anyway, she takes her turn in the tank after Valentine and gets the synaptic junction installed. After that, she uses the down time to copy all of the spells she had access to but never used into her own spellbook.

Going out on a limb here, but Rosalind probably begins copying spells while Valentine is in the tank, then gets in the tank herself after he is finished, instead of the other way around.
Additionally, please specify which spells, since it takes 1 day per spell, and augmentations (outside of the basic one which had been ruled as taking 1 day) take 1d4 days to install

It takes only a day to install Valentine’s basic augmentation package, but his system proves resistant to installing the Fluid Motion augmentation, which takes four days. Afterwards, during the day, he supervises construction on the boat and connects to the psionic projector. During the night, he attempts to contact one of the local thieves’ guilds (a Gather Information check of 21 reveals that for the past fifteen years, Kalystra’s three major criminal organizations have had an uneasy truce) and, while skulking about the rooftops of the dock district, manages to tail a man who appears to be a local boss of the Band of the Silent Step. [This event will be resolved via Skype]

Rosalind spends the first five days copying spells into her spellbook (I’m going to need you to specify which). While shopping for the special inks required for copying spells, she feels a tug on her robe and hears a young man’s voice behind her – “Miss, miss! You’re Rosalind Coriander, aren’t you? The mage who saved Westcliffe?” Turning around, she sees a boy who can’t be much older than sixteen. His robes are tattered and not particularly wizardly, but proudly displayed on his chest is a Jade Heart, the Sondrian ribbon given to soldiers wounded in battle. “I was there when you killed that… that, um, mountain of flesh! It’s an honor to meet you – you wouldn’t be looking for an apprentice, would you?” (Regardless of her response, she spends the next two days in the medi-tank installing the Synaptic Junction augmentation)

Felosial finishes her Wand of Cure Serious Wounds in three days – the polished stick of cherrywood inlaid with silver runes is now ready for use. On the last day, while searching the markets for a sprig of moonroot and six jennberries for the formula that needs to be poured over the wand to complete its creation, a curious sight reaches her eyes – a treant stands in the marketplace, surrounded by six men and women of varying elvish descent. Striking up a friendly conversation, she discovers that a druid circle from the nearby Kerevkan Jungle has traveled to Kalystra for two purposes: to provide much-needed healing services for the townsfolk now that clerics’ powers are failing, and to recruit adventurers for a mission deep into the jungle, to discover what happened to five of their colleagues. They already have a number of mercenaries signed up, but as a druid of greater power than any of their circle, might she be interested? (Regardless of her response, she will have an opportunity to gather plants for her garden and to offer the Animal Shapes tour)

Beej has presumably been training for the past week, but during an outing to a tavern, is approached by a small group of halflings who, noting his strength, ask him if he’s planning to compete in Olmoden this year. “What do you mean, you’ve never heard of Olmoden? The winter solstice festival in honor of the hero Olmo?” “Maybe he was raised by humans?” “Shut up, Lidda. Well, mister muscles, how would you like a chance to wrestle an ogre mage?”

[All of your characters are experiencing events this week. I’ll be on Skype for most of the weekend, so just contact me when you want to resolve the event]

Play-By-Post Session Part 2

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